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Anti-Slavery Policy

1. Purpose:
Blue Light Services Specialist Vehicles Ltd is committed to the prevention of all forms of modern slavery, including forced labour, human trafficking, and child labour. This policy aims to set out our commitment and responsibilities in eradicating slavery from our operations and supply chains within the automotive conversions sector.

2. Scope:
This policy applies to all employees, contractors, suppliers, and business partners working for, or on behalf of Blue Light Services Specialist Vehicles Ltd.

3. Policy Statements:
a. Prohibition of Slavery and Human Trafficking:
Blue Light Services Specialist Vehicles Ltd strictly prohibits the use of slavery, forced labour, human trafficking, and child labour. We will not engage in any practices that infringe upon human rights or exploit individuals in any form.

b. Compliance with Laws and Regulations:
We will comply with all applicable laws and regulations relating to slavery and human trafficking, including but not limited to the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

c. Employment Practices:
i. Fair Treatment: We will treat all employees with fairness, dignity, and respect. Employment will be voluntary, and no one will be subject to any form of forced labour or coerced employment.

ii. Working Conditions: We will provide a safe and healthy working environment for all employees, ensuring appropriate remuneration, regular working hours, and access to necessary facilities.

iii. Recruitment and Age Verification: We will undertake thorough and robust recruitment processes to verify the age and identity of all employees, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

d. Supply Chain:
i. Due Diligence: We will perform due diligence on our supply chains to identify and assess potential risks of slavery and human trafficking. This includes evaluating our suppliers’ policies and practices related to slave labour, conducting regular audits, and taking appropriate actions to mitigate identified risks.

ii. Supplier Compliance: We expect our suppliers and business partners to adhere to the principles outlined in this policy and demonstrate their commitment to combating slavery and human trafficking.

iii. Transparency and Accountability: We will maintain transparent relationships with our suppliers, encouraging open dialogue and cooperation to ensure compliance with this policy.

e. Reporting and Whistleblowing:
We encourage all employees, contractors, and stakeholders to report any concerns related to potential violations of this policy. Blue Light Services Specialist Vehicles Ltd will protect the confidentiality of those reporting in good faith and investigate all allegations promptly and thoroughly.

4. Communication and Training:
We will communicate this policy to all employees and stakeholders, ensuring their understanding of its requirements and implications. We will provide appropriate training to employees involved in procurement and supply chain management to effectively implement and enforce this policy.

5. Compliance and Review:
Blue Light Services Specialist Vehicles Ltd will regularly review and monitor its compliance with this policy, making necessary improvements as needed. The management team holds overall responsibility for ensuring the effectiveness of this policy and its integration into our business practices.

6. Implementation:
This policy will be made available to all employees through our company’s HR portal, and a copy can be obtained by contacting the Human Resources department. It will also be published on our company message board and communicated to relevant suppliers and business partners.

By adhering to this policy, our company seeks to create an environment free from slavery and human trafficking, promoting ethical practices and contributing to the global efforts to eradicate modern slavery.