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Our HDU Ambulances are designed to meet the rigorous challenges of providing the highest standards of clinical care for patients while giving a practical, safe and effective working environment.

This is achieved buy us understanding your organisations requirements and building your vehicle around your business. Not making your business fit a generic vehicle design.

Our High Dependency Renault Master conversions are fully CEN (BSEN 1789:2014) Certified and also come with European Whole Vehicle Type Approval Certification. Plus in ALL our Ambulance interior builds we use Biomaster silver based antimicrobial technology making the working environment:- SAFE TESTED PROTECTED for LIFE

If you require a more bespoke vehicle design outside of our CEN (BSEN 1789:2014) certification we can provide this with an IVA making sure you are fully compliant.

HDU Ambulance 1

HDU Ambulance 2