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With over 150 chasis in stock We have developed a range of products in partnership with some of our key suppliers to solve everyday problems faced by service providers.

Below is one of our most recent projects delivered by our R & D department.

The latest Ambulance track lock innovation 3 positions

The patented OTF ‘on the fly’ stretcher tri-track lock so called because you can literally change the position of the stretcher when out on duty by pressing a single pedal.

A simple single operation

Tread on the rear pedal to unlock and and release the OTF stretcher locks and then simply slide the stretcher along the tracks to the next desired position, the aligned tracks are so precisely positioned even a child can do it. Offside standard wall position, to central bariatric position, to rear position for the babypod at any given moment.

Download Brochure Here

Compatible with both Ferno and Stryker stretchers, simply order the standard spike and pedal lock and they bolt onto the NMI OTF front and rear plates. Part of the OTF system is the patented ultra lite composite floor and tracks.

The floor is in one piece and bonded into the vehicle – suitable for both panel van and box body conversions. The angled tri-tracks are fitted into the precise position and supplied with the OTF stretcher track locks. But of course ALL specification help and information is supplied.

Combine the OTF stretcher track lock system with our patented NMI medic seat range. Tip /fold and turn bulkhead or wall side seats that slide across so the medic is close enough to treat the stretcher patient whilst safe and belted.

OTF 3 position stretcher lock